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Services Available and 2017/2018 Price List
HST is now applicable.
** All boarders have access and use of the indoor arena, outdoor arena, tack room with their own tack lockers, cross ties and any  lunging equipment owned by the farm or jumps, jump standards, etc.
All boarders are required to have a fly mask, waterproof rain sheet and waterproof winter blanket for their horse.  They need to be brought to the barn for the appropriate season so that they can be utilized if necessary.
Stall/Indoor Board - $429.20 plus HST of $55.80 for a total of $485.00 per (as of February 2016)
Description of Board:  Includes 2 hay feedings indoor and free range hay on round bale (covered with the Slow Bale Feeder net) during the day.  Plus 2 concentrate/supplement feedings (as supplied by owner), daily stall cleaning including late night check for feeding (except during the summer when horses are brought in later), daily turnout to a paddock/field, blanketing as necessary, fly mask and fly spray (provided the horse will stand for spray) as provided by owner.  Turnout is weather permitting and at the discretion of the Farm staff.  Most fields/paddocks are equipped with a run-in shelter and access to clean water and during the winter months we use electric water heaters to help reduce water freeze problems.  There are also automatic waterers and salt blocks in each stall, plus soft stalls and shavings for bedding.  
Emergency Indoor Board -$650.00 per month or $25.00 per day.
Description of Board:  Same as regular Stall/Indoor Board.
If we have space and your horse requires stall rest and/or minimal turnout and you are not a regular boarder, the rate will be as above.  
Pasture/Outdoor Board - No longer offered.

Stall/Indoor Daily Rate - $20.00 per day
Description of Board:  Same as regular Stall/Indoor Board.
Pasture/Outdoor Daily Rate - No longer offered.

** Please note that if your horse requires individual turn out for any reason then an additional fee of $100.00 per month will apply.

1.  Concentrates/grains/supplements must be supplied by Owner and at Owner's expense;
2.  Turnout is weather permitting and at the discretion of the Farm staff.
Please Note:
Boarders are responsible for bringing their horses in from turnout if they wish to ride during turnout time.  If your horse needs to come inside earlier than the rest of the herd than an additional fee will apply.
If you use your already cleaned stall during the day when you bring your horse into the barn and the horse messes in their stall, please take a moment to clean up after them so that when they're brought in for the evening, they are brought into a clean stall.
* Prices above don't include HST unless stated.
** Board is due on the last day of the month, not the first day of the month. For example, if you were going to board for the month of February then your board is due on January 31.  Failure to pay at the requested time will result in a daily charge of $5.00 per day for each and every day that your board fees are late.

** Board rates are for a calender month, horses arriving mid-month or leaving before month end with notice,  will be charged a daily rate.
** Please remember that a minimum of 30 days notice is required if you will be leaving our boarding facility.  If you don't give us 30 days notice you are still expected to pay board for the remainder of the 30 day period.

Additional Services

Services Available                                                        Service Cost           

De-worming with owner provided de-wormer                  $ 10.00 each        

Holding horse for vet/farrier/chiropractor, etc.               $ 15.00 each        
This includes catching the horse, holding it for visit and returning
horse to field/stall.
Medical care provided to horse, price dependent on what care is necessary.
Priced at per session basis.                                                     $ 5.00 - $ 20.00 
Arena rental - All appropriate paperwork must be signed prior to arena use. Your horse/s must be up to date on vaccinations required by the farm and can't have been sick or exposed to sick animals within 30 days of coming to the farm.  You must also provide proof of adequate liability insurance, ie. OEF, etc.
                                                                                                       $ 30.00 per hour
Trailering - $50.00 to hook up and then an additional rate of $1.25 per km. to destination and $ .75 per km. return.  If driver is required to wait for the return trip than an up-charge will need to be discussed.  These fees do NOT include any damage that your horse may do to the trailer.  Any cost of damage will be the responsibility of the person who hired the transportation of the animal.
**Note** If we use or lend any of our own supplies for your horse you will need to replace the items used, ie.  Medical supplies, etc.  Another example; if we feel it necessary to use one of our blankets, boots, etc., on your horse than we will appreciate that you launder the loaned items and return it to us in the same condition.
The above list of services is not inclusive - if there is something else that you would like, please discuss it with Sandy or Dave so we can try to work something out.